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Installing a backyard Pond

Rubber meets the pond

Felt pad

Time to line the pond.

First we put down the felt under-liner. This acts as a buffer between our precious (expensive) rubber liner and any rocks, glass or what-have-you that's still in the soil.

Our old pond used jute backed 1970's carpet we had pulled out of the living room during a Pergo Prodigy Installation project.

The felt was moved around and formed into place such that there was a nice sized overhang on the left side. This was cut off and later used for lining the waterfall stream bed shown in the next photo.

Hill pad

For the waterfall and stream I put down a row of rock edging and then put the felt liner on top of this. Ultimately all of it will be covered in rock but I want to make sure there's a channel to guide the water down into the pond.

Where the stream meets the pond I left a gradual incline (decline?) transition. Not sure why, just seemed the thing to do.

Hey, it's starting to look like a pond!

Pond Lined

It's a little hard to see them but there are two depressions in the second step down in the pond. These are for plants. What you do is fill them almost full with dirt, then put clay kitty liter (bauxite) over the dirt.

This way the plant has soil to grow in and the clay keeps the soil from washing away. I'll then cover the clay with pebbles since the Koi just love to pick at these things.

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