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Installing a backyard Pond

Pond Droid

More digging and more hill making while waiting for the pond kit to arrive. The hill reached the point where it can't go any higher without first installing the waterfall box. Luckily the shipment arrived.

Savio Waterfall Savio Skimmer

Opening the box and looking at the Savio Skimmer and Waterfall I realized that I had no clue when I was thinking of making them. These things are huge!

The waterfall filter alone is two foot in diameter and almost three foot tall. It looks like and has the cocky stature of R2-D2. If it had a pair of arms I'd have it helping me dig.

The skimmer is a real work of art. Very heavy gauge construction, well thought out, room for two UV lights, flap for water entry, leaf basket, and a large filter.

Both of them are made of some nigh-impenetrable material (just wanted to say nigh, sorry) that is over a quarter inch thick and very solid feeling.

My only complaint are the nylon bolts used to attach the tops. They are screwed into brass nuts embedded in the units and the nylon stripped out in no time.

Time to visit the Hill!

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