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Installing a backyard Pond

Lake Pacman

I dug for a couple of hours one evening and then the clouds moved in. Imagine our surprise to find the pond almost full the next morning. Things will be a little muddy for a day or so after it's drained.

Premature Pond

Why, isn't that just a loveliest little watering hole you ever did see? Wild asparagus to the north, ferns and bamboo to the south, and plenty water. Oh, and let's not forget the high voltage line submarining into the water. Not exactly the pond we had been envisioning.

My new band, Mud Swears and Tears, will be playing at your town soon.

Everything has been working out nicely, albeit slowly. Dirt comes out of the pond and goes on the waterfall hill just out of the photo on the left. Big rocks get stacked up around the western edges of the hill every so often (we really only want half of a hill) as a barrier wall.

The 240vac line (still live) has been going deeper and deeper since it reached the middle of the pond. I haven't quite dug it out to the edge yet, but it is probably 3 feet down.

The pond itself is a little over two feet deep with a couple of spots down to the magical three foot mark. Really, other than lugging a few more tons of dirt out, shaping the edges to look like something besides Pacman, and terracing, the digging part is getting pretty close to done. ":^)

The real bummer is that the heavy rains induced a mud slide on the hill and a section of the rock wall collapsed. Better now than when the hill is a couple feet taller I guess. I'm still working on a unified rock wall theory.

A really sharp eye will notice the boulder resting on the left side of the pond.

I'm thinking that's a fine place for it...

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