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Installing a backyard Pond

Waterfall Construction

Half a hill

A day later and R2 the Waterfall is buried up to his shins. The black pipe came with the pond kit and there's just enough to go from the waterfall, around the edge of the pond, and to the future skimmer location.

I did my best to level the waterfall box and have been checking it as more dirt is added. It has a very slight tilt now, so I piled rocks on the top edge of the box to try and correct it, or at least keep it from getting worse. The pipe, 1 ¼ inch flexible spiral tubing, has been connected to the top of the waterfall box.

What's not shown is the other connection to the box. There's another large threaded connector included which attaches to a hole in the back, bottom of the box. This is for the drain.

I bought PVC pipe from a local hardware store, but couldn't find the butterfly valve so settled on a screw-on cap for now. The pipe runs out the back of the hill, between the rocks. It's used to drain the box, but even better is when the pond pump is running you are essentially draining the pond. Much easier than siphoning with garden hoses!

Pipe and Wire

And here's the view looking towards the pond. Most of the pond's outline has been defined but as you can see there's a lot of dirt left to shovel and the boulder seems to get bigger each day.

The plan for the hose is to run it around the perimeter of the pond. At one point I thought of running it under the pond, but that sounds like trouble waiting to happen and really hard to fix.

Also, I have to figure out where to run the well and pond pump electrical wires. The current plan is to have a little trough along the edge of the pond for hose and conduits to run through.

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