The How Zone

Installing a backyard Pond

Rough Plan

When the landscape project got close to the pond we realized that decisions needed to be made. How big will the new pond be? What shape? Which directions would it grow?

The only criteria so far was that it had to be deep enough to resist freezing in the winter. From sources I'd read this meant at least three foot deep. It ought to be wider and longer since a 3 foot deep 4x6 hole in the ground looks way too much like an open grave. (foreshadowing?)

So I went online.

You've probably done this yourself: set off to research something on the internet only to find yourself being progressively sucked into bigger and better products. I'm happy to say that I didn't buy a lake.

Instead I learned all about skimmers and biological waterfall filters. I learned that my Koi couldn't be happy without at least XYZ gallons of water flow and would smother under a blanket of algae without the aid of intense ultraviolet water filtration.

I did like the idea of the pond skimmer and waterfall. No more wading into the pond to change filters. I'm also a sucker for the sound of babbling water. Still, I figured I could probably make them myself. They are just plastic boxes, right?

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