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Pergo Prodigy Installation

Introducing Prodigy

pergo prodigy room edge

For the remaining rooms we went with Pergo Prodigy for two reasons. First it wasn't much more expensive than the VersaStrip, especially when you take into account the foam and glue. Secondly it comes in big slats, which is a plus for covering lots of area quickly and reducing the cutting.

The biggest pain in all of this is at the edges when you have to cut. It's kind of like a strange version of tetris; trying to reduce the waste and re-use boards cut from one end for starting another end. The Pergo Prodigy cost $73 for a box which covers 18.45sq ft and holds five planks.

I also like the color and texture of the Prodigy. Earlier Pergo looked more like formica countertops and that's why we never considered it. Also the earlier stuff seemed like a nightmare with all of the other accessories they sold for installing it. It's like the flooring was just a ruse to get you to buy tons of little doo-hickeys. Even for this installation we went with a cheaper trim rather than Pergo trim. The other trim looks better.

Here's a tip: while picking up your flooring buy a table saw. They had a Ryobi 10" table saw on sale for a hundred bucks. This saved us at least that much in time, agravation, and from wasting planks in cutting mistakes. The last flooring was installed using a handheld circular saw.

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