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Pergo Prodigy Installation


Large View

This is a larger view of the Pergo Prodigy in one of the bedrooms. Color isn't quite right in the photo, this is Antique Amber and is a little bit redder than this. We wanted to get a more golden colored version but this was all the Home Depot had in stock. Since it's over an hour's drive to HD we try not to have to make too many trips. For example a handful of Pergo boards came out of the boxes with little nicks on the edges or other slight imperfections. If HD was closer we would have taken them back for an exchange, instead I used them for closet floors or at the very edge of the room whenever possible.

It has now been almost two years since installing the Pergo Prodigy. It has performed well. Meanwhile the VersaStrip looks a little more beat up, but it is in the high trafficed areas of the house.

Would I install Pergo Prodigy today? Sure thing. Would I consider installing it in the main rooms of the house? Perhaps. I'd first check out the competition and any improvements to the existing Pergo lineup. Based on how Prodigy works and looks as compared to earlier Pergo flooring I suspect it would work out fine.

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