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How to Attract Birds & Butterflies to Your Yard


Nature has three layers of plant growth: tall trees, medium size shrubs and smaller perennial plants. Our yards should mimic nature by planting these layers. The trees and shrubs should be planted in clumps for two reasons. The first is for the plants to pollinate and grow better fruit and the second is for the birds because they like to hide in clumps of shrubs.



A garden of any kind is always a work in progress, because new information becomes available and we are always learning. I just found out some of my plants are poisonous for my pet llamas, they will need to be removed, the plants not the llamas. (Example: Bleeding Hearts and Foxglove that I planted for the Hummingbirds)

No, the beautiful burning bush CAN’T be an invasive plant - my husband loves that bush - but it has just been listed as invasive.

Some things are still in the planning stages. I would like to add a small garden pond and pergola over the grape vines for shade and places for the birds and I to sit. Remember to keep the cat indoors. While she loves the song birds and butterflies as much as I do, she loves them as dinner.

Recipe For Success

Today, ten years later at Dream Come True Farm, the birds can fly from tree to tree for cover. Birds fly down the pine hedge row to the apple orchard or down the maple lined driveway to the first garden bed with a bird feeder and a birdbath in it. To my neighbor who calls it “The Kansas House,” I think you will be surprised to see how quickly the trees have grown and landscape has changed.

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