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Big Bottle Rocket

This is a multi-bottle rocket created by my friend Brian. It may be hard to tell from the picture but that is a contiguous air cavity, even the caps connecting the bottle necks are hollow so air can flow between chambers. Brian has also been working on a multi-stage rocket where the adjoining caps are held together by a pressure-friction nozzle.

Once you have had fun shooting basic rockets it doesn't take long before more advance designs start creeping into your idle thoughts. Who knows, maybe you'll consider becoming a human water rocket like this clip from NTV.

Typically the next step is trying for more altitude. You'll have your work cut out though, the current record is over a thousand feet. Or maybe you'll mix hobbies? I've seen a water rocket used to launch an RC glider airplane.

My favorite so far comes from Thailand where they have had the great insight to use flour in the rockets. They aren't breaking any records but the takeoff effect can't be beat!

Please feel free to email me with any changes, additions, or links you might have. I'll be updating these pages from time to time as we create new rockets.

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