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Solar Shading

I've had this idea kicking around on how to provide better shade, something less sail-like than hanging sheets all over the place. Using four panels of 20 inch by 30 inch foam board and a bit of cutting and gluing it should be possible to make a shade box. Cost of parts about twelve bucks.

Measure Cutout

Instead of making a box (which takes five panels and isn't as aero-dynamic) I designed a pyramid shape. The telescope's focus tube is about 3 inches in diameter so the small end of the pyramid needs to accomodate this. Four inches should do. On the other end if I don't abut the ends flush together there will be more flair. Meaning that the base, or fat end, of the pyramid is wider. I measured twelve inches down for this cut.

Four Foam Boards

Here you can see the four cut foam board panels and how they aren't perfect triangles. The next step is to align the cut edges at ninety degree angles and glue them together. I used a glue gun to attach them. Tape or even velcro might work and make it so you can disassemble the cone for storage. I was going for a solid unit.

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