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Code & Schematics

For this project I used three of the I/O lines, all as input. Since the "html" page is going to be read by a perl script I made a minimalistic page, the source of which looks like:

   ^io0 ^io1 ^io2

Which is siteplayer talk for insert the value of io0, io1, and io2. The carets (^) are siteplayer's variable tag mechanism. Displayed in a web browser it looks like:

   0 1 1

Pretty darn exciting, eh? Well, it's not meant for humans so why dress it up. The three "bits" represent the fridge's compressor, main door, and freezer door. The logic is backwards in that whenever a door is opened or compressor runs a 0 is shown. With all doors shut and the compressor off the page shows: 1 1 1 A reading of 0 1 1 means the compressor is on.

fridge schematic
schematic of the switches

If I had a basic stamp or some other type of micro controller I could have also added temperature sensing. Alternately, the Siteplayer team has announced that they will be releasing firmware which will enable basic programming in siteplayer (since it is a small micro controller) which might make adding temperature sensors and other external devices easy. As it is we are stuck with on/off switches. When you request the siteplayer page what you see is the state of those switches at that precise moment.

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