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Getting Even Closer

I’ve discovered that you can use a telescope eyepiece as an add-on macro lens on point and shoot cameras. Most of the following macro shots in this article were with a 25mm plössl, which can be purchased new for about twenty dollars, even cheaper used. The great thing about using these lenses is that there are many sizes and many levels of magnification to experiment with.

Let’s take a look at telescope eyepieces...

Eyepieces Side View
10, 25, and 40mm Telescope Eyepieces
(click for larger version)

These are the eyepieces from our telescope. The numbers on the side represent focal length of the eyepiece. Magnification (on a telescope) is determined by dividing this into the focal length of the telescope. The smaller the number the more magnification, but it also means less light gets through.

Here’s a view from the eye’s perspective.

Eyepieces End View
Eyepiece Lens View
(click for larger version)

The chrome end is a barrel that slides into the telescope. There are 2, 1.25, and 0.964 inch barrels. Those shown are 1.25”, conveniently close in size to the lens barrel on a P&S camera, making it easy to attach the two. If possible, unscrew the barrel so that the lens mates closer to the camera lens, thereby reducing vignetting. Vignette is when the corners of an image are darkened.

Of course you should take care when working with the camera and the eyepiece, both have delicate lenses that can be easily scratched or smudged. Use a lens cleaning pen or proper lens cleaning materials and liquids.

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