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Macro Photography II

Follow-Up Questions

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback for this article. First off it was noted that even though this is even higher magnification than my previous macro article it is still macro-photography and not micro-photography (also despite Nikon calling their Macro lenses "Micro"). Micro-photography deals more with specialized microscopes and associated camera equipment.

Some folks asked why I didn't use lens adapters, since they do a more accurate job of mating lenses together. The reason was that I wanted to try lens reversing first, before buying any more gear. Turns out the adapters are pretty cheap as is the macro-coupler, around seven to eight bucks each.

Since writing the article I've purchased the following adaptors:

Adaptors - click for full size image

Step up/down rings screw into the filter thread of your lens, to allow it to use either larger or smaller filters. Or, in our case, a coupling ring. A coupler ring has dual threads, which let's you screw two lenses together using their filter threads. Since most of your lenses won't have the same thread size you use a step-up or down adaptor to match things up. Shown in the picture is the 52mm-62mm step-up along with the 62mm macro coupler leaning against the 50mm lens.

The 77mm step down is for a larger 200mm lens. That's a lot of stepping down, from 77mm all the way to 52mm, but for an extra eight bucks I thought it would be worth trying out since the 200mm is a much better quality lens.

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