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In this dishwasher there are three visible screws, all with torx screw heads. Luckily I bought a small kit a couple of years ago with torx and a variety of other oddball tips. Well worth the ten dollars.


After removing the screws I tried to pull the section up but it didn't budge. Hidden screw, no doubt. Sure enough, the water pipe that leads to the back wall was covering the last screw. I ended up sliding the pipe sideways enough to remove the screw. The proper way to remove it, I figured out later, is to unclip the plastic pipe from the back wall and rotate the whole piping assembly to the right.

When you are tempted to force something apart remember that a human or some assembly line robot put this together, which means it can probably be taken apart without resorting to violence. Think of it as a puzzle. One of those interlocked metal ring puzzles that come apart with only an exact twist and drives everyone crazy.

Now the whole section slides right out. There were a few odd chunks of food in ours (cucumber stem?) and some masking tape from canning jar labels. Still haven't reached the grinder yet, there are a couple more screws to undo. Also time to use a turkey baster or shopvac to remove the standing water and food bits.

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